Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Health Consultant Program

The meaning of the word “Ayurveda” is “the science of life”.   Ayurveda is the oldest codified system of health and wellness in the world.  In health care today the phrase “holistic medicine” is often talked about and treated as if a new and revolutionary concept.  In the material you study during this course, you will learn that Ayurveda is not only the original holistic practice, but still views the individual in a more holistic way than any other practice used today. In Ayurveda, the physical, mental and spiritual are interactably linked, allowing the root cause of diseases to be revealed.

In this certification course, 3 parts are studied (10 Modules) and must be completed in studio or via live webinars to graduate as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Health Consultant. Classes may be purchased online or in total, as a complete program registration fee, but registration for the certification must be done via a Post Secondary enrollement registration form. This  600hr course is comprehensive in nature, and covers all core classes, as well as peripheral courses in the Vedic Sciences. All Homeworks/Internships hours, case managements hours and tests must also be completed with a passing grade to graduate.

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Uma-Sri Your Incarnation Signature Program


Hello, I wanted to let you know that I am introducing for the first time ever a new program available to the public where I will be teaching a 10 month program for transformation.

This program includes finding your life path in a systematic way using the ancient art and science of Jyotish,

While keeping you healthy in mind body and spirit using Science of Ayurveda while also connecting to universal intelligence of the divine while practicing the science of Kundalini yoga

We are energetic beings living in the material world! What does that mean?

It means our being or the Soul self is encased, in bondage in the physical, emotional and mental Bodies.

At its core the Atma or soul self, is here on a mission which we must accomplish in order to evolve. So, this means we must break free of these limitations. These are the limited thoughts which lead to limited emotions and beliefs, which lead to limited actions in the world.

First, we must understand and identify these limiting beliefs and ideas, and we can easily do this with the divine wisdom inherent via Jyotish which reveals the past present and future. We must understand what baggage or sins we are bringing with us so we may remove or work through these in order to move to the present moment. As long as we are bound by our past we cannot move forward and truly experience our gifts and live our dharma or duty, the path we are meant to share and express in this incarnation, this life.

Then we must also realize that this Atma needed a vehicle to express itself, so we must understand the nature of this vehicle and honor its strengths and weaknesses through the science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda allows us to live in harmony with our personal constitution and experience ourselves at our best by staying healthy as we move through life. While modern medicine, allopathic medicine aims at working with acute conditions it does not work well as preventative or with chronic conditions.

Ayurveda is the science that allows you to understand your true nature as spirit while inhabiting this body, therefore helps one recognize their individuality and works to maintain a state of homeostasis honoring the individuality.

It is important to treat the mind body and senses in order to help the soul become self-realized. If one is in constant state of suffering whether physical emotional or mental, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to move forward in life and accomplish the mission of the Soul.

This being said we need one more tool to allow the soul to reach its peak, to fully connect to its full Potential and realize its own destiny, the goal or mission it is here to do! For this the science of Kundalini yoga is used. While it works through the physical, it helps to reach the subtle and causal Bodies at its core. The subtle body is able to be experience through different Kriya/actions, pranayama or breath control, dristhi, mudras and meditation and mantra which is the science of sound. Sound is the most subtle & causal of the element’s responsible for our creation.

All of these energetic sister sciences put together as the ancients have taught us, applied in this modern age brings us back to our true nature and allows us to live a happy and fulfilled life as we align with our true self and do the mission we are here to accomplish. This is what brings true joy and satisfaction from deep within in present day actions.

I invite you to join me in this new revolutionary transformative JyotirAyurYogI program which is Your Incarnation.

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Ashtanga Yoga Instructor Program

Ashtanga (8 Limbs)/Hatha Yoga is the core of Western Yoga culture. Ha means sun and Tha means moon which is the art of balancing these subtle life energies. The Training curriculum ensures the participant will understand Yoga’s “roots” and the 8 limbs of Yoga , as well as precisely how the asanas work to produce remarkable results in maintaining health, youth, and longevity. You will learn about performing asanas correctly and how to instruct and adjust others. You will learn pranayama, the power of breath, how to instruct and the mistakes to avoid. We assist you with developing your own personal practice and in developing you teaching presentation. There are practice teaching and small group feedback-practice sessions. Participants learn several Ashtanga (8 Limb) Yoga forms , and empowering vinyasa Yoga sequence, which combines rightious living, asana, pranayama and meditation. Once completed, the student will meet the requirements and guidelines to become eligible for membership through the Yoga Alliance.

In this certification course, 4 parts are studied and must be completed in studio to graduate as a Certified Yoga Teacher. Classes may be purchased online with an oustanding balance of $400 due for internship, for the complete program registration fee, but registration for the certification must be done in studio via a Post Secondary registration form. This  200hr course is comprehensive in nature, and covers all core classes, as well as peripheral courses in the Vedic Sciences. All Internships hours, and case managements hours must also be completed with a passing grade to graduate. Total Price for the Certification is $3600.

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Uma-Ki Jyotisha Program

A course in Vedic Astrology based on Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

10 Modules are taught by Dr Ki Florence-David AyD ( Dr Uma-Ki) 

The course takes the students on a beautiful Journey from descent into the world of form, explaining the expansion from the 3 Gunas, to the 5 tattwas, as well as how the Grahas are the agents of our karmas. 

For more information on next years classes please contact Dr Uma Ki @ kiatsuinstitute@gmail.com


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NCBTMB Massage Therapy CEU Live Webinars

The Ki-Atsu Massage courses include modalities to help students increase their knowledge and set of tools to help their clients, as well attain the necessary CEU credits to renew their license. The courses may also be taken as personal enrichment classes. Please check LIVE WEBINAR DATES prior to purchasing any classes. If no dates are posted no classes have been scheduled. NO REFUNDS will be issued. 

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NCBTMB approved CEU/Home Study

The Ki-Atsu Asian Bodyworker Program is designed to provide graduates from massage programs or current massage therapists with advanced training in bodywork modalities from the Far East. The program covers both eastern bodywork modalities such as Thai massage, shiatsu, and ashiatsu, and eastern energy modalities such as Reiki. The program is designed in such a way as to be suitable to provide initial training to a Bodyworker who is unfamiliar with Asian modalities, or to further the education of a Bodyworker who may have had some previous experience with Asian modalities. Upon successful completion f the program, the student will be able to offer his or her clients the following massage modalities: Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki, Shiatsu, and Ashiatsu. The Ki-Atsu Asian Bodyworker program is a 150-hour, 15 credit course. There are eight classes within the Asian Bodyworker program. The course will consist of 16 class days, comprising 130 hours of lecture, demonstration and practice, and 20 internship hours. The Ki-Atsu Institute for Healing Arts is approved as an organization by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers to provide continuing education to therapists. The successful completion of the courses that make up the Asian Bodyworker program will count towards the therapist’s continuing education requirements for NCBTMB.

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Neurotransformation Courses

The Ki-Atsu Neurotransformations CEU courses is divided into 5 sections each comprising of 30 CE units each, taught over a 20 day period that is designed to provide students who are graduates of an accredited massage therapy program or licensed massage therapists with training in bodywork, somatic emotional releases, and movement. Upon completion of the program the student will be able to offer to clients a ten-session package designed to improve the client’s posture and movement, as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. The Neurotransformations courses will teach the student techniques from many different modalities such as the 5 element theory and Chinese Meridians, NLP techniques, Pilates and Yoga Asanas, and therefore teach the student to view a client through the perspective of many different paradigms. Students will learn about viewing the body utilizing the paradigms of the Tensegrity Model of Richard Buckminister Fuller, and Myofascial Planes. Students will learn to assess client’s movement in relationship to gravity, how to identify where compensation may be occurring, the reason compensation is occurring, and the best technique to release the reason for the compensation. Students will learn about the Mind/Emotion/Body connection and learn several techniques to address issues that have developed in a client that is disrupting that connection. The Ki-Atsu Institute of Healing Arts is an accredited organization of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers for providing continuing education to massage therapists. The Neurotransformations course has been submitted to NCBTMB to allow the hours to be used by participants who are nationally certified to be eligible to be used to meet continuing education requirements.

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Jyotish Jaimini Scholar Program

There are 4 Adhyayas to complete. This course is done through a Certified Jaimini Mentor, in the Tradition of Pandit Sanjay Rath and his lineage. 

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Pilates for Massage Therapists CEU courses

The Ki-Atsu Pilates courses are designed to help with knowledge of core strength and repatterning exercises. 

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Yoga Nidra & Meditation Workshops

Ki-Atsu Yoga Nidra Part 1 & 2

Course Description: Ki-Atsu Institute for Healing Art’s Basic Yoga Nidra class is a 2 part 50 hour course that will teach the student Meditative and repatterning techniques, and how to use these techniques for behavior modification, such as Spiritual awakening, Health, and stress reduction. The course utilizes lecture, a manual, and hands on practice to provide the student with a complete understanding of Yoga Nidra. The course begins with an overview of the history of Yoga Nidra and how the techniques and applications of these have evolved throughout the centuries. Students learn the names of some of the most widely known Rishis in history, and what their contribution to the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, and how Yoga Nidra effects both. The course then teaches students the basic skills of Yoga Nidra and Meditation.

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