A course in Vedic Astrology based on Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

10 Modules are taught by Dr Ki Florence-David AyD ( Dr Uma-Ki) 

The course takes the students on a beautiful Journey from descent into the world of form, explaining the expansion from the 3 Gunas, to the 5 tattwas, as well as how the Grahas are the agents of our karmas. 

For more information on next years classes please contact Dr Uma Ki @ kiatsuinstitute@gmail.com


Jyotisha "The Science of Light" & Eyes of the Vedas Illuminating Us on Our Karmas

Course description: This course teaches the Jyotish Fundamentals & Building blocks to understand how you arrived here, who you are and what you are here to do. Understanding the fundamentals and how to apply them to your chart, you will be able to start looking at your patients charts in conjunction to your Ayurvedic Assessments. You will learn how the Grahas bind us to our karmas decoding you and your client’s Natal chart at a fundamental level. You will also learn to see the timing of events to see when certain diseases could manifest and how to take precaution. You learn about the four parts of the Mind, and how you process information. You will learn the seed of your Shadripus and understand what you must overcome in this lifetime. How your Soul is being shackled and bound in the field of matter.

  • $1,120.00
  • Duration 28 hrs
  • 28 CEUs