Your Incarnation copy_0_0.pngWould you like to expand your toolkit and at the same time transform yourself?

The Bound Soul as Your Incarnation

As the Soul transmigrates from lifetime to lifetime, Learn how to identify the limitations as well as the gifts you have been given in this life. Learn your Souls journey and the timing of events throughout your life. Understand how the Bound Soul can be unshackled and live unbound as consciousness expressing itself with joy and love.

Allow me to demonstrate how to understand your journey in this lifetime. 

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Do you want to know who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do in your life?

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This program is designed to help you see yourself in time and space! Using the ancient knowledge of the Veda’s, the oldest texts known to man explaining the science of our creation and our place in it applied to modern days.

Listen I spent 30 years developing this based on my own path, feeling lost and not having a clear path of understanding of my own destiny, my own divine path, the path meant directly for me.

Let me share a little with you so you can understand more about my journey.

I was born to parents where one was educated and the other a good entrepreneur. Unfortunately however, this was not what I was given at birth, my beginnings happened in an environment which was very strict and what I felt, as having little nourishment or guidance. My parents gave me what they could at their young age, and I am in gratitude for the life they gave me. However I was abused by a distant family member and also kidnapped by another for a year. I was only 12 at the time and suffered deeply in the cold winter with my feet being frozen. While it was a very difficult time, I survived and it lead me to seek to be strong in order to protect myself! This lead me to becoming a professional Bodybuilder creating a character armor to shield myself in hopes of also teaching others to do the same while I was a world trainer in LA CA. 

Unfortunately after reaching the top of the bodybuilding world platform, I realized that this was anything but healthy! Soon after I experienced a paralyzing injury which reawakened a spiritual desire within me! I then began learning about the mind and it’s workings after losing everything I thought I should be doing and what I had learned & gained in my 15 years of bodybuilding.

I trained as a master NLP pratictioner and also became a hypnotherapist helping people shed their old patterns of beliefs and helping myself and others view their thoughts as the observer. This was very helpful but I needed to understand how to reach the higher workings of the Soul. So I went to India to study Yoga and to understand how to reach something within my core that was more then just the mind and body operating in the mundane world.

This lead me to want to understand how to keep my body, mind and senses healthy in an ongoing way aligning with my own unique constitution. So I studied the Art & Science of Ayurveda, which also lead me to studying the beautiful Divine Science of Jyotish, which are the Eyes of the Vedas where we truly see & understand our nature;who are we, how we got here and what we are here to do.

After 30 + years of experience I finally found the recipe to understand each area of my life. My purpose and how to feel good about my own destiny. How to align with my strengths and accept my weaknesses. How to fully embrace my path in life. How to feel Aligned and complete as a co-creator with the Divine. I am finally consciousness expressing itself in an ongoing way with truth and integrity!

This is what this program will offer you. To feel fully complete in this world we must align with our Dharma, our duty in life based on the Karmas expressing themselves in this incarnation. If you are interested in knowing exactly how to align with the mission of your life, the purpose of your life, then this is the program for you. If you have been feeling lost, have accumulated many skills but still do not feel completely aligned with your divine purpose in life, this program Is for you. It could be in any area of life, for example maybe your destiny is to be a stay at home parent, or an engineer, or a priest, or a yoga teacher.... and so on! 

We all have a duty in life. Let me help you align with your duty, your destiny, so you may feel satiated at the core of your being! Alive and radiant as you become a co-creator with God! Your Consciousness expressing itself in all of its radiance!