Follow up Consultations - Therapies


  • 90 min $200 
  • 60 min $150
  • Packages Available

Ayurveda defines therapy as any method that involves the process of balancing the doshas.

According to Ayurveda, in a living body all the ailments and sufferings are due to the disharmony and disequilibrium of the doshas. Hence the Ayurvedic therapies' main aim is to treat disorders, prevent disease and rebalance the body doshas, dhatus, malas and mind gunas.

Ayurvedic therapies eliminate toxins from the body, increase immunity and soothe the senses thereby enhancing Shirodhara 2009_0.jpggeneral physical and mental well-being. The therapies are directed to eliminate the disease completely, permanently.

Ayurveda has the following step by step approach to healing:

  • Balancing the Doshas
  • Increasing Digestive Power
  • Maintaining Proper Waste Elimination
  • Enhancing Immunity
  • Cultivating a Spiritual Temperament.









Yoga Nidra

agrey04.pngis a powerful tool to make changes in your life. Whether you want to stop a behavior that is having a negative effect on you, or want to learn new techniques to improve the overall quality of your life, Yoga Nidra can help.

Yoga Nidra sessions can identify the beliefs that limit you from changing your habits and keep you from realizing your maximum potential. Yoga Nidra can help you improve your health & relationships. 






Yoga ChikitsaKI YOGA DSC_0123_0_0.jpg

  • Private - $95/hr
  • Semi-Private - $65/hr
  • Packages Available

These private or semi private sessions focus on precise structural assessments and allow the therapist to custom design session plans based on your individual needs and Doshic assessment. Learn to practice according to your constitution and return to a harmonious practice. Strengthen your core & balance your body.













Meditation is a powerful tool to make changes in your life. Stop negative behaviors, learn techniques to improve the overall quality of your life, all with the power of meditation. Identify the beliefs that limit you, and make real changes in your life. Meditation can help improve your health, relationships and finances.







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