Ashtanga (8 Limbs)/Hatha Yoga is the core of Western Yoga culture. Ha means sun and Tha means moon which is the art of balancing these subtle life energies. The Training curriculum ensures the participant will understand Yoga’s “roots” and the 8 limbs of Yoga , as well as precisely how the asanas work to produce remarkable results in maintaining health, youth, and longevity. You will learn about performing asanas correctly and how to instruct and adjust others. You will learn pranayama, the power of breath, how to instruct and the mistakes to avoid. We assist you with developing your own personal practice and in developing you teaching presentation. There are practice teaching and small group feedback-practice sessions. Participants learn several Ashtanga (8 Limb) Yoga forms , and empowering vinyasa Yoga sequence, which combines rightious living, asana, pranayama and meditation. Once completed, the student will meet the requirements and guidelines to become eligible for membership through the Yoga Alliance.

In this certification course, 4 parts are studied and must be completed in studio to graduate as a Certified Yoga Teacher. Classes may be purchased online with an oustanding balance of $400 due for internship, for the complete program registration fee, but registration for the certification must be done in studio via a Post Secondary registration form. This  200hr course is comprehensive in nature, and covers all core classes, as well as peripheral courses in the Vedic Sciences. All Internships hours, and case managements hours must also be completed with a passing grade to graduate. Total Price for the Certification is $3600.

Ashtanga Yoga/ Live Class

Learn the foundation and principles of Ashtanga Yoga. 1. Yamas- ethical disciplines 2. Nyamas-self observation 3. Asana- posture 4. Pranayama - breath control 5. Pratyahara- sense withdrawal 6. Dharana- concentration 7. Dhyana - meditation 8. Samadhi - a state of Joy and Peace - Liberation

  • $1,850.00
  • Duration 32 hrs
  • 32 CEUs

Essentials of Movement & Viewing

Learn about the core stabilizers of the body, and viewing skills. These skills will enable you to appropriately design programs for your clients based on their patterns of compensation.

  • $350.00
  • Duration 16 hrs
  • 16 CEUs

Intro to Ayurveda

Learn the ancient knowledge of the Vedas. Understand the basic principles of Ayurvedic Medicine and how to determine imbalances which lead to the disease process.

  • $400.00
  • Duration 12 hrs
  • 12 CEUs