When looking at a client’s body, the deep tissue body worker looks to discover chronic holding patterns. Habitual and unconscious shortening of the tissues creates them. Many people in our society, especially people considering themselves short, will habitually and unconsciously hold their shoulders up. If this is done chronically the tissue will shorten to accommodate the aberrated position.

The therapist can lengthen the tissue and address the chronic holding pattern through repatterning, resulting in an achievement of permanent change. The client must be made aware of the habit and must be coached in “coming from the top of the head”, allowing the shoulders to “let go”.

The same holds true with patterns of movement, standing, sitting, and activities. The way a person sits can contribute to chronic low back pain. The size of the client’s car and driving position can affect their head position, cervical spine, lower back, and sacrum. Clothes, shoes, working position, self-esteem, and stress all contribute to movement or holding that can be detrimental to the body’s structure and function. Repatterning supports the changes achieved through deep tissue bodywork by educating the client about:

  • Chronic holding patterns
  • Chronic patterns of movement that contribute to pain, dysfunction, and imbalance
  • New possibilities of posture and movement that will add to vitality, grace, and a sense of well being

  • $350.00
  • Duration 16 hrs
  • 16 CEUs