Uma-Sri Kundalini Yoga : Reduce Stress  & Fear  Promote Inner Healing & Peace_0.png

 Love & Fear are on the opposite sides of the spectrum

We have a choice, happiness is a choice, love is a choice

During difficult times in our lives, or difficlut transits in the sky affecting us globally or individually, we have to make choices. Are we going to choose to find the best way to help ourselves and move towards a Sattvic, Loving way of life or be detructive to the self and others. It is a choice. 

Here is a beautiful Kriya to help you feel the light within, calm the nervous system and repair your adrenals. Relax and Repair while finding inner peace and joy. 

Make sure you chant out loud and sign along to experience the full benefits of this beautiful Kriya

Practice this Kirya daily or as often as you can for 30-40 days to find ongoing peace while restoring your Mind, Body and Spirit

With Love & Light


  • $20.00 / 30days