Jyotish-This Vedanga teaches us to understand how the Divine is behind all Matter and how it emerges. It teaches us how matter emerges from the Mind.  Parasara wrote the Vishnu Purana, and explains in great details this emerging. Energies or Tattwa are created by Vasudeva's (a particular ray of light of God) glance (Dristhi) with Shakti. 5 States of energy come into matter. We must understand these energy states so that our consciousness may stay detached and master these. Bija mantras are tools to cut through the Tattwas. Ketu gives Moksha as he can pierce and burn through with infer red energy.

There are 5 Tattwa Devatas:

1. Ganesh-Prithvi-Smell-Mercury/Budha
2. Durga-Jala-Taste-Venus/Shukra
3. Surya-Agni-(heat & light)Sight-Mars/Mangala
4. Rudra-Vayu-Touch-Saturn/Shani
5. Vishnu-Akash-Hearing-Jupiter/Guru = the Cosmic Glue that binds

  • $500.00
  • Duration 60 hrs
  • 6 CEUs