Statement of understanding

  • I understand that this is an Educational Ayurvedic consultation for the purpose of helping me improve my health and wellness. I understand this does not include medical diagnoses or treatment and is not a substitute for medical care or an agreement for ongoing care.
  • I understand that _the Ki-Atsu Diagnostic Program and Jyotish Illustrator is a means for Ayurvedic Consultation and Education which provides me with information on the Ayurvedic approach to health care, which may affect my diet and health in a positive way.
  • I understand that this diagnostic program does not replace a medical doctor or licensed medical practitioner, and does not present itself as such, and does not seek to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for disease or other pathological conditions.
  • I agree that I am interested in enhancing my own abilities to heal and establish health in mind and body & spirit, and this is the reason I have sought Ayurvedic consulting services.
  • I agree that I may consult a licensed physician for any concern, at any time, about any disease or pathology that now exists or arises during my professional relationship with Uma-Sri.
  • Furthermore, I understand that Ki-Atsu encourages regular medical checkups from a licensed medical professional of my choice, and that any medication that I am now taking upon my licensed physician’s advice, or will take in the future, is taken strictly according to my licensed physician’s directions. Only a licensed physician of my choice can advise on medication dosages or the discontinuance or resumption of such medications.
  • I agree to hereby waive any and all claims or rights I might otherwise have against Uma-Sri, Dr  Florence-David, including the right to sue Uma-Sri, Dr Florence-David, its employees or agents or independent contractors for any such injuries or claims aforestated.
  • My checking the agreement box acknowledges the above statements as fully read and understood.