The Uma-Sri Institute for Vedic Sciences would like to invite you to experience a revolutionary approach to natural, holistic well being;

The Ki-Atsu Ayurvedic Diagnostic created and designed by Dr Florence David founder of the Ki-Atsu Institute now Uma-Sri Institute for Vedic Sciences

The Uma-Sri Ayurvedic Diagnostic is an interactive website that assists therapists in treating clients from an Ayurvedic perspective.  The Uma-Sri Ayurvedic Diagnostic is a powerful, indispensable tool for any Holistic practice, that places the vast stores of knowledge contained in the Vedic teachings at the fingertips of the therapist.

The Uma-Sri Institute for Vedic Science’s Ayurvedic Diagnostic is a one of a kind tool, that takes the wealth of complex information that encompasses the Vedic sciences, and distills it into results that are easily comprehendible for the therapist, while providing the necessary depth and sensitivity to provide genuine, practical and useful guidance in improving and maintaining health and well-being.

The Uma-Sri Ayurvedic Diagnostic provides therapist with an opportunity to grow and enrich their own education and practice while providing clients with a state of the art tool to improve overall health and well-being.  Practitioners who use the Ki-Atsu Ayurvedic Diagnostic find that the program offers several options to address the needs of the client, as well as providing the therapist with information about how the diagnosis was arrived at, and what the results mean.  Additionally, a therapist will find several educational programs on the website that he or she may choose to enroll in to further their holistic education. 

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The Ayurvedic Diagnostic is a state of the art program to assist a therapist in treating a client from an Ayurvedic perspective.  The software allows the client or the therapist to complete a comprehensive intake with the technician.  The software then analyzes the responses to the question and within the framework of Ayurveda , the client’s constitution (Prakruti) is determined in relation to the dominant doshas.  The program also identifies which doshas are out of balance (Vikruti).  The program also determines the state of the Gunas and the three Vital Essences.   The Diagnostic Program  also employs techniques from Jyotish, Ayurvedic Astrology, to determine the dominant dosha at the time of the client’s birth.  The Ki-atsu Ayurvedic Diagnostic then develops a treatment plan to address the client’s specific needs. The treatment plans provides a detailed outline of dietary guidelines, lifestyle recommendations, psychological challenges and other Nidana (daily lifestyle challenges). It prescribes Ayurvedic treatment plans including: herbs, yoga, Pranayama, color therapy, Mantras, Meditation, Aromatherapy and bodywork. 

One of the features that makes the Uma-Sri Ayurvedic Diagnostic unique is that it creates a file for the client.  The program provides the opportunity for clients to take reassessments over time.  The reassessment will assess the client’s Vikruti, which will allow the practitioner to assess the client’s dosha, gunas and vital essences, allowing the therapist to access how effective the treatments are, as well as allowing the practitioner to adjust the therapies if necessary. The program provides the therapist with color coded graphs and displays to help with the interpretation of the information.

Each section of the results also provides a tab for the therapist to click on to learn more about the Vedic science of the result being presented.  This information will aid in the practitioner in understanding the science of Ayurveda, and in interpreting the results provided by the program..

Online Education

The website also presents the practitioner with the opportunity to enroll in online courses in order to learn new techniques and modalities to enhance their practice. Courses of study include Massage, Pilates, Yoga, and Hypnosis, with continuing education courses being offered for Massage Therapists, Pilates & Yoga Instructors, as well as Hypnotherapists. The Ki-Atsu Method website allows the practitioner to complete a class at his or her own pace. 

Upon enrolling for a course, a student will receive a login for the website.  Upon logging into the website, the student will complete the course by watching the instructional videos included with each course.  Additionally, each course has accompanying text that supports the video presentation.  Students can stop the course at any time and then return to the course at their convenience.  Students will generally have a month to complete a course.  Each course also features a synopsis that the student can printout to keep.

The courses offered on the Ki-atsu Method website support the therapeutic recommendations generated by the diagnostic section of the website, allowing a practitioner to complete training and offer holistic services for which they have not been previously trained.  For example, the diagnostic program may suggest certain yoga poses or specific bodywork techniques.  Instead of having to refer clients to other practitioners to have the client receive these techniques, the therapist can learn to offer these therapies themselves.

The Ki-Atsu Institute for Vedic Sciences has a decade of experience in offering education to professional holistic therapists and those wishing to become holistic therapists. Many of the courses are approved by national certification boards and the successful completion of the coursework can be used to become certified, or for continuing education for the certification.

Online workshops 

The Uma-Sri Method website also allows the practitioner to view the workshop and retreat schedule for the Ki-Atsu Institute for Vedic Sciences.  With planned Ayurvedic meals, yoga sessions, and Pancha Karma treatments, the Ki-Atsu Ayurvedic Retreat allows for a complete rejuvenation and/or purification of body, mind and spirit.  Spend some time at a Ki-Atsu Ayurvedic retreat, and discover the incredible benefits that harmonious living has to offer. 

Students of the Uma-Sri Method online, may also choose any retreats listed, approved by Ki-atsu, do complete their educational hands on internships. Certain guidelines must be followed and will be furnished by the instructor once registration is complete. All online courses for that program must completed or in progress in order to be accepted for internship. click on retreats on the home page for more information.

The Ki-Atsu Institute for Vedic Sciences workshops allow for a therapist to attend live educational sessions and obtain practical, hands on experience with the modality that they wish to train in.