Jyotisha is a Vedanga, a Limb of the Vedas, and a sister science to yoga and ayurveda, meaning that when all three are used together, the results are exponentially greater for health, happiness and fulfilling your sense of purpose. Jyotisha as the Science of Light (meaning a type of light that illuminates) is referred to as vedic astrology since it is a science of the planets, as outlined in Vedic Philosophy, the mother to yoga and ayurveda. It differs from Western astrology as it comes from a different source…the ancient Vedic scriptures, and continues to align to the Astronomy.

We use jyotisha to plan, predict and understand our lives, our soul’s purpose…ultimately, our karmas. It is the study of Trikālajña, Past, Present & future.

The planets, known as grahas in Sanskrit (“that which grasp”) hold our destinies as they bind us to our Karmas, our deepest desires and our soul’s direction to fulfill specific actions due to karmas created in past lives. We might use this science to plan the purchase of a home, or to plan a family and the timing of having children. We may use it to plan signing a large contract, starting a new job, or taking a big trip. We might even use it to predict the course of our relationships with a potential spouse, a parent, a sibling, a boss, a friend.

Jyotisha can reveal physical and emotional imbalances and diseases. You might see your dosha (vata, pitta, kapha), or your extreme qualities (i.e. heat, which could be burning troubles and anger or dryness which might cause depletion and anxiety). There are ayurvedic doctors that will refer to a person’s astrological chart when healing a client to see what is causing the imbalance, or root cause of a desire. It allows the Jyotishi to see at which level the karma is manifesting, physical, mental/psychological, or spiritual. 

There are remedies available in Jyotish for things that may show up in your chart. It can provide you with unique tools to remedy a curse or difficult configurations where Devas (Angels!) from whom you may ask for help and honor. There are also karmas in which you are forced to face, but could potentially reduce the harm they produce. Jyotisha brings understanding for our own desires, health, mind and soul. It is the roadmap to your life.

If you are curious about how vedic astrology works and how it can help illuminate your own purpose and karmas, you will want to attend this workshop! This is a 90-minute introduction to the science of jyotisha and will introduce some concepts, terms and interesting facts to help you begin your journey in astrology. It will answer these questions and more:

  - What is Jyotisha? 

  - How does it work? 

  - How do we use Jyotisha in Life?

  - What are the building blocks of Jyotisha?

  - What are the principles used to understand how events manifest on this earth plane? 


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