Ayurveda and Disease 


The Doshas

When considering the development of disease in the body, it is important to understand the three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  How the Doshas increase and decrease in the body based upon a variety of factors can cause imbalances of the body.  The doshas are constantly fluctuating in the body.  There are considered to be three stages of movement of the doshas in the body:

1. Accumulation – the dosha is increasing in the body

2. Aggravation – the peak of the dosha in the body

3. Alleviation – the retreat of the dosha in the body

Some of the factors that cause the movement of the doshas in the body are: age, the seasons of the year, the time of day, and the climate (environment).  When a dosha continues to accumulate to aggravation without any alleviation, disease can occur. 



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